Why is My Tire Light On in My Mazda Vehicle?

February 21st, 2022 by

Dealing with a low or flat tire is something that no one ever wants to see happen. All sorts of thoughts may fly through your mind. Did I run over something? Could it be a nail? Honestly, it could be a number of reasons why the tire light comes on. Some are pretty simple, others not so much. Keep reading to learn why your tire light may have come on.

You get in your vehicle first thing in the morning, start the engine and the tire pressure light is lit up. First thing do not worry! All you need to do is take a deep breath and figure out why the light has been illuminated. The automobile safety and maintenance specialists at Beach Mazda want to encourage you with the understanding to identify these concerns so that they can be repaired correctly.

Did you run over something?

One of the first things you should check is if you ran over something on the road. It is quite possible that you simply ran over while driving. It happens more often than one thinks. Inspect the tire to see if there’s an obvious nail or other item that may have punctured it. If there’s nothing noticeable, run your fingers around the tire’s tread to see if you feel anything sticking out. If you still can’t determine where a hole could be, apply a bit of soapy water to the tire and look for any bubbles. If you see bubbles, you’ve found the puncture.

Is the wheel bent?

If you’ve recently hit a pothole or a curb by accident, it’s also possible that the actual wheel itself is bent. If the wheel is bent, that means the seal between the wheel and the tire is deformed and is allowing air to escape. This will definitely require a trip to the service center and quite possibly a new wheel.

Is it simply the outside temperature?

One of the simplest reasons that a tire pressure light has come on is a change in outdoor temperature. If it’s cold in the morning when you head out, the light may be illuminated. However, after driving a little bit, the light will turn off. The air inside the tire has warmed up and expanded thus turning off the tire pressure light. Even though the light has turned off, you’ll still want to double check the air in the tire and make sure it’s at the correct pressure for your vehicle.

Need Help? Call Beach Mazda Service!

Old or worn tires can also make your vehicle’s tire pressure light turn on. If you have a nail in your tire, need new tires or anything else service related with your Mazda, please give the Beach Mazda Service Center a call today. We are more than happy to make sure you and your vehicle are safe on the road.