Volvo Cars Launches Over-The-Air Updates in the United States

December 20th, 2021 by

Volvo Car USA will be introducing its first ever over-the-air (OTA) software update on the all-electric XC40 Recharge. It will also be introducing it for the 2022 XC60, 2022 XC60 Recharge, and 2022 XC60 Polestar Engineered equipped with Google built-in.

Variety of Updates

Now, eligible Volvo vehicles across the nation will be given a variety of updates, including new features, problem solutions, and improvements to infotainment and thrust systems. The presentation of OTA software updates means customers can benefit from the latest software and new, revised features on their Volvo devoid of leaving home. It likewise means new Volvo vehicles are intended to improve over time.

Automatic Updates

The most recent software update contains the adding of SiriusXM satellite radio across all qualified automobiles. Motorists of the pure electric XC40 Recharge should likewise see an enhanced driving range, with a Range App to help boost battery usage, plus cold weather alerts for ideal battery performance.

Qualified drivers will get the automatic software update and a announcement will be presented on their screen when it is accessible to download and set up in their automobiles.