SYNC3 Top Ten Benefits – Part 1

October 6th, 2015 by


It was developed with a customer-centric approach that draws upon over 22,000 customer comments and suggestions, insights gleaned from research clinics and market surveys as well as automotive and tech industry bench-marking. Ford is very proud of the SYNC3 technology and wants you to know the benefits of driving a vehicle enabled with SYNC3.

SYNC3Here are the first five of ten benefits of SYNC3 technology:

  1. Automatic Updates Over Wi-Fi – It’s easy to keep SYNC3 up to date with the latest software as new updates become available. All you’ll need is a Wi-Fi connection. Setting up a Wi-Fi connection is simple and very similar to how it is done on a smartphone or a tablet
  1. Convenient Access to Settings – All the settings are conveniently located in a single section, making it quicker to personalize your settings. A simple swipe left or rights allows you to move between different categories.
  1. Siri Seamless Integration – Bring the power of Siri Eyes Free and your iPhone into your vehicle. Just press and hold the Voice button on the steering wheel or the Siri button on the SYNC3 Phone screen.
  1. New SYNC3 Apps Feature – SYNC AppLink allows you to launch and voice control mobile apps or access them through the organized apps section. SYNC-enabled apps from a paired and connected phone are automatically loaded with an icon for each app!
  1. Easy Destination Entry – Locate your favorite restaurants, nearest ATM and more, with simple destination entry via the optional Navigation. The search box is a one-box approach, similar to searching on Google. Responsive and adaptive search results appear as you type.

Check back next week to learn the Top 5 benefits of SYNC3 Technology. You won’t want to miss learning about SYNC3!

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