How to Get Smoke Smell Out of a Car

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Choosing a used vehicle is a smart way to snag a high-quality model for a price that fits your budget in Conway. Sometimes, those savings come with a few minor caveats – like the strong scent of cigarettes inside the cabin. Fortunately, learning how to get smoke smell out of a car is easier than you might think! Because many cabin materials easily absorb smoke, you may need to ekmply some special cleaning know-how to remove smoke smell from car upholstery, leather seating, and trim. Find out how – with this guide from the Beach Automotive Group service center!

How to Remove Smoke Smell From Car Seat Upholstery

Knowing how to get rid of smoke smell in a car starts with the seats, which are the most likely to hold onto persistent smells like cigarette smoke. Cloth and leather upholstery require different care, so make sure to use cleaning materials that won’t damage your car interior. To get smoke smell out of car upholstery, you’ll need baking soda and a vacuum – that’s it! Then follow these steps to clean your leather car seats safely:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum the upholstery and carpet, including the areas under the seats and the crevices between them.
  2. Liberally sprinkle baking soda over the carpet and upholstery, and let it sit for a while. Baking soda is a very adept odor neutralizer that can absorb strong scents. 
  3. Vacuum up the baking soda after giving it some time to sit. If you’re still noticing a smell, try sprinkling more baking soda over the area, and leaving it to sit overnight before vacuuming again.

How to Remove Smoke Smell From Car Seat Leather & Trim

Strong smells like cigarette smoke can also permeate car seat leather or leave a residue on other cabin surfaces. Fortunately, these issues are an easy fix if you have the proper supplies. Here’s what to keep in mind before you attempt to get smoke smell out of car seat leather:

  1. Find a specially-formulated cleaner. Don’t rely on guesswork when it comes to your car’s leather interior! Your owner’s manual should provide info about which cleaning products are okay to use. You can also call your local Murrells Inlet dealership for help with the cleaning process. 
  2. Keep in mind that other surfaces inside your vehicle may require their own special cleansers, like wood or metal trims. You’ll also find this info in your manual.
  3. Clean all surfaces several times. Smoke can permeate deeply into various materials, especially porous car seat leather. Clean all surfaces several times to fully remove scent and residue.

What About Other Areas in Your Car?

In order to get smoke smell out of car surfaces completely, you may need to clean even more than your car’s upholstery, carpet, and trim. Other surfaces – and even air vents – can also trap smells. Be sure to wipe down both sides of your car’s windows, clean the windshield, and replace the cabin air filter.

Schedule Professional Auto Maintenance & Repairs at Beach Automotive Group in Myrtle Beach 

You now know how to get smoke smell out of a car permanently – which means you can fully enjoy the fantastic savings you can find with used vehicles for sale in Florence. If you have any further DIY care care questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Beach Automotive Group for great advice from our expert technicians.

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