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How Often Should You Change Your Oil?

Most oil change frequency guidelines will tell you to schedule service once every 7,500 to 10,000 miles, but precise recommendations will vary from model to model. Checking your owner’s manual is always the best way to answer the question, “How often should you change your oil?”–but our team is here to help you work out all the details. If you drive about as much as the average Conway driver, you’ll visit our service center once or twice per year.



When To Adjust Your Oil Change Frequency 

In any event, the last decade has seen numerous serious improvements to oil and engine technologies, so you can go longer in between oil changes and spend less time in the shop. Synthetic oils last longer than conventional oils, but you should almost always stick to the schedule laid out in your owner’s manual.

Of course, there are some behaviors and activities that can take an extra toll on your engine. If you participate in any of the following, it’s worth it to schedule oil changes more frequently:

  • Off-road driving
  • Commercial usage
  • Racing or performance driving
  • Heavy towing or hauling

Why is it so important to know how often to change your oil? Oil is the lifeblood of your engine; it lubricates all moving parts and helps to protect your most vulnerable components from excess heat. Without regular oil changes, you’re risking serious damage or even premature engine death.

Oil Change Frequency FAQs 

  • How often should you change your oil if you don’t drive very often? Since oil will break down naturally with time, even if it isn’t being used, you’ll still want to get the oil changed once or twice per year.
  • Should I use synthetic or conventional oil? Your owner’s manual will tell you which kinds of oil are approved for your vehicle. If you have questions, ask an expert at our parts department.
  • What does oil service include? In addition to flushing and replacing the motor oil in your vehicle, we’ll replace the oil filter. Additional service items may be required depending on your make, model, and mileage.

How Often Should You Check Your Oil Level?

Even if you have a very good idea of how often to change your oil, your job’s only half done. That’s because monthly checks of your oil level are no less important

While many modern vehicles include an electronic oil monitor to make the job even easier, it only takes a moment to get under the hood and check the dipstick. If you’re not sure of how to check the oil level in your vehicle, give us a call today!

Beach Automotive Group Has You Covered!

If you’re ready to schedule your next oil changes, you should know that our service centers are easy to reach from anywhere near Murrells Inlet or Florence. Contact us today to make an appointment or ask any questions on your mind.

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