Options Aplenty: 5 Drive Modes in Ford GT

May 25th, 2017 by

optionsWant to know something awesome?

Did you know there are five, count them FIVE, drive options in the new Ford GT? Well, you do now! By all means, keep reading for some pretty interesting information about the Ford GT

optionsFive Options

Five modes enable Ford GT to attain ideal performance whether on-road driving on a nice summer day, contending with rain and other elements. The drive modes include:

  • Normal, for everyday driving
  • Wet, for driving in the elements
  • Sport, for more spirited ventures
  • Track, for racing
  • V-Max, for maximum straight-line speed

Each mode is specially tuned for a unique driving environment. “Switching the setting changes electronic, mechanical and aerodynamic elements,” explains Nick Terzes, Ford GT engineering supervisor. Leveraging learnings from the Ford GT racing program, Ford Performance gave each mode a unique instrument cluster display, with elements prioritized to enhance the overall driving experience.

Ford GT also features an advanced, yet easy-to-use launch control system that provides optimal traction for the perfect launch every time. Designed for track use, it’s available in all options except “Wet”. The system is activated through the steering wheel controls in the instrument panel menu and, when activated, a white “LC” appears in the cluster. At this point the driver holds down the brake with their left foot and fully depresses the gas with their right foot. When ready, the “LC” turns green and the driver lifts their left foot and the GT launches off, quickly hitting speed.

Normal mode

If you can think of a situation that constitutes everyday driving in a Ford GT, Normal mode provides it.

Wet mode

For this setting, the Ford GT’s ride height and other systems remain in their default settings, with the exception of throttle control calibration.

Sport mode

Activating Sport mode grants the driver a more responsive throttle calibration to further open up the car’s twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine and anti-lag system. Developed on the Le Mans-winning Ford GT race car, the anti-lag system keeps the turbo spinning to provide boost on demand.

optionsTrack mode

Sport mode can also be used effectively for many racetracks. However, track mode is absolutely hardcore and optimized strictly for race conditions.

V-Max mode

Engineering-speak for “maximum velocity”. In V-Max mode, every setting is tuned to make the Ford GT go as fast as possible. Like Track mode, selecting V-Max requires the transmission be set in park. Ride height is the same as in Track mode, but all aero elements are stowed to minimize drag. Stability controls also remain active to help ensure the car moves forward in a straight line.

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