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Lincoln Connect

Standard on ALL 2018 Lincoln Vehicles

Lincoln has offered an embedded modem on Reserve and Black Label models from model years 2015-2017. Benefits of the embedded model include : remote start, scheduled remote starts, lock/unlock and vehicle locator. It’s all controlled through the Lincoln Way App. Now, beginning for model year 2018, the embedded modem gets a new name, new functionality and becomes a standard feature. Lincoln Connect is a 4G LTE modem with Wi-Fi Hotspot, in addition to all of the remote features of the previous embedded modem.





Vehicle SatisfactionAvailable on All Trims

Lincoln Connect will be standard on all trims for 2018:

  • Lincoln Continental
  • and Lincoln MKZ
  •  as well as Lincoln MKX
  • Lincoln MKC
  • and Lincoln Navigator

Benefits of Lincoln Connect

Lincoln Connect helps owners stay connected with their vehicles. Some of the benefits include:

Lincoln ConnectWi-Fi Hotspot: Owners can utilize a Wi-Fi Hotspot that can connect up to 10 devised at once, so passengers can stay connected wherever they roam.

Vehicle Status: Within My Vehicles, drivers can monitor tire pressure, oil life and fuel level. They can also get approximate mileage to assist with trip planning and maintenance.

Refresh: Owners can press the Refresh Icon to update vehicle status.

Operate: Owners have access to Operate, which allows them to stay connected with their vehicles and save time. Owners can also pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin to their personal comfort preferences.

  • Remote Start
  • Schedule Auto-Start
  • Lock & Unlock

Remote Start: Drivers can press and hold the Start Engine button. The vehicle will run for 5, 10 or 15 minutes based on preferred vehicle setting through the Information Display

Schedule Auto-Start: Drivers can press the Scheduled Remote Start icon to schedule remote starts for specific times and also for specific days of the week.

Lock/Unlock: Owners can press and hold the Lock or Unlock button to control the doors from virtually anywhere.

Vehicle Locator: Owners can press the Locate icon to see the location of their vehicle whether it’s parked or moving.

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