Ford Mustang MACH-E: Technology – Enjoyed!

December 6th, 2021 by

The 2021 Mustang Mach-E delivers impressive new levels of technology designed to enhance the experience of living with our fully electric SUV.

Front and Center

Sleek and stylish, the 15.5-inch nonreflective, center-stack color LCD touchscreen features SYNC 4A as command central. Most vehicle functions appear on the screen as soft keys rather then physical buttons. An integrated dial controls the sound system volume.

Like a smartphone, the screen…

  • Features intuitive gestures
    • Makes it familiar and easy to use
  • Has a split-screen design
    • Provides the ability to run multiple apps at the same time
  • Features Dash Cards that show up to six recently used apps
    • Reduces the need to switch between menus
  • Is larger than the Tesla Model Y’s 15-inch screen

10.2-inch Instrument Cluster

The crisp, 3D driver’s screen is tied to the selectable Drive Experience and can be personalized to display key information such as:

  • Real-time battery level and range
  • Ground speed
  • Turn-by-turn navigation steps (when active)
  • Vehicle messages and alerts

Seamlessly Connected

The cutting-edge technology features on Mustang Mach-E brings new meaning to the term “personalization.” Easy, seamless, connected technologies include:

Personalized Driver Settings

Multiple Drivers can fully personalize their driving experience

  • As a driver approaches the vehicle, their smartphone seamlessly signals and adjusts in-vehicle options to their liking
  • Personalization settings include:
    • Modes of driving (Unbridled, Engage, Whisper)
    • Weights of the steering
    • Pedal response
    • Screen and ambient lighting
    • Seat and steering wheel position
    • Sounds of the vehicle

Phone as a Key

  • This virtual key unlocks the vehicle as the driver approaches
  • The feature can also be used to move the windows up or down, open the liftgate or turn the vehicle on or off

Conversational Voice and Digital Assistant

  • Recognizes complex and conversational requests
  • Responds in seconds with intelligent suggestions
    • Great for hands-free operation

The Ability to Learn and Adapt

  • Gets familiar with routines and learns behaviors of the driver over time
  • Will serve up the driver’s most commonly used features
    • May even suggest “calling home” when running late

Cloud Connectivity

  • Via the 4G modem, is constantly delivering live information

Intelligent Range

  • Displays current charge status and remaining driving distance
  • Constantly calculates range, using data such as:
    • Weather and traffic reports
    • How much of the journey is uphill/downhill
    • Driving style

Connected Built-In Navigation

  • Provides enhanced route planning capabilities and uses traffic updates to keep drivers informed
  • When searching for destinations, provides information on parking and charging options
  • When a driver requests a destination beyond the vehicle’s range, will automatically suggest available charging stops along the way

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

  • Wireless and effortless to use
  • Not available on Tesla

Ford Power-Up Software Updates

  • Continuously upgrade and evolve features
  • Easy to schedule to occur in the background

FordPass App

Lets drivers remotely…

  • Check battery status and manage charging schedule
  • Preset departure times and precondition cabin temperature
  • Easily locate public parking and charging
  • Manage charging subscription and pay for charging across the Blue Oval Charge Network
  • Plan long journeys and send navigation to the car using EV Trip Planner
  • Alert Roadside Assistance and send an alert to dealership when needed