What to Do After Buying a Used Car

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Where and how to buy a used car is a popular topic around Myrtle Beach, but many people don’t know what to do after buying a used car. That’s when your focus needs to shift from shopping for a reliable used car at an affordable price to taking care of the vehicle. You need to follow federal and state laws and hopefully get the most out of your ownership experience. Below, we’ve listed some crucial steps after buying a used car that every Conway drivers should take. Feel free to reach out to us at Beach Automotive Group with any questions.

Steps After Buying a Used Car

After you sign your agreement to buy a used car, you should take the following steps to ensure all of your bases are covered:

  • Get Insurance Immediately: Before you leave the car lot, make sure the vehicle is fully covered. You can’t legally drive the car home without proof of insurance. You can even get insured beforehand if you know the VIN.
  • Transfer the Title: When you purchase a vehicle from Beach Automotive Group or another Conway dealership, typically, the dealer will handle the title transfer for you. But, if you buy from a private seller, you’ll have to transfer the title yourself.
  • Register the Car: Again, car dealerships normally handle getting the vehicle registered, but you’ll need to personally visit the DMV yourself with the paperwork if you buy a car from a private seller.
  • Choose a Mechanic You Trust: Sometimes, it’s a challenge to find a mechanic you trust and is affordable. That’s why we have a service center on-site to help customers care for their automobiles throughout the years.
  • Schedule Service: Next, it’s time to schedule service for any needed repairs, such as oil change or tire rotation. Even if a used car has a solid service history, it will need maintenance and repairs.
  • Review the Owner’s Manual: Review your owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with the vehicle and to learn about the features.
  • Check for Recalls: Both new and used vehicles may have recalls issued for mechanical or technological amenities. As a car owner, you should always watch for any manufacturer recalls that might impact you.
  • Consider an Extended Warranty: There are many different extended warranties available, so it’s crucial to research your options and purchase one if it makes sense to you. Remember that some warranties are only usable at certain service shops, so read the paperwork carefully.

Find Your Next Used Car at Beach Automotive Group Today!

The team at Beach Automotive Group is ready to help you select and purchase your next car. Then, our finance team will make sure you get the best possible rates and terms on a car loan. You can apply for financing online. You might also want to check out our pre-owned specials to see if you can get an excellent deal! Contact us today!


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