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January 3rd, 2022 by

Ford vehicles offer technologies that allow owners to stay focused and connected to their world while on the road. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility and SYNC AppLink provide options to access and use preferred apps in their vehicle without being distracted by their smartphone.

Android and Apple Carplay

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility lets owners control select functions of their smartphone using their vehicle’s touchscreen from a personalized Android or Apple dashboard. These integration options help drivers be less distracted. And, by using the voice button, drivers can keep their hands on the wheel while they ask Google or Siri a variety of questions, provide commands or access features, such as:

  • Making and receiving calls
  • Listening to voicemail
  • Interacting with text messages
  • Listening to music using apps
  • Using navigation apps, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps or even Waze
    • Waze is available using both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Setting Up in the Vehicle

Depending on the vehicle’s equipment and the owner’s smartphone, to use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, some may need to download an app and connect/tether the phone using a manufacturer’s cable.

  • Otherwise, pair the phone using Bluetooth
  • Note: SYNC 4-equipped vehicles do not require a tether

Go to Settings on the SYNC touchscreen and choose either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay Preferences

  • Slide to Enable

Accept the prompts on both the touchscreen and the smartphone.

Once properly activated, there will be an Android Auto or Apple CarPlay tile on the touchscreen.

Note: Vehicles with SYNC 4 Technology allow owners to use some features like Navigation and SYNC AppLink without disconnecting from Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. This allows owners to use multiple features without taking over the whole touchscreen.

SYNC AppLink

AppLink may also make driving easier by allowing owners to bring in compatible smartphone apps directly onto their center touchscreen. Vehicles such as Maverick and vehicles equipped with SYNC, SYNC 3 and SYNC 4 Technology all provide AppLink options – including voice commands.

Once the smartphone is connected, AppLink will display compatible apps that are available to use on the center-stack screen. Vehicles equipped with SYNC 4 Technology offer the ability to auto-populate apps once the smartphone is connected.

Key Apps Using AppLink

Key Compatible apps for customers to be aware of include:

  • Ford + Alexa
    • Takes Alexa from the home to the car using AppLink
    • Using this app to ask questions, use Skills, control smart devices and more
  • Mappo
    • Offered first by Ford, this new app gives travel recommendations based on popular books, movies, music and more
    • Crowdsourced data allows users to add content, such as quotes, book clips and trivia
    • Use Mappo via Android Auto, Apple CarPlay or AppLink
  • Pandora
    • Using AppLink, owners can select their favorite Pandora stations directly from the touchscreen
  • Cisco WebEx
    • Take meetings on the go with integrated audio, video and content sharing
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