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August 14th, 2017 by

ExcellenceExcellence Awaits!

The path of excellence is not always the easiest to take. But, it’s always the most rewarding. Beach Automotive Group had a commitment to providing the BEST possible Ford Sales and Service experience. Through Ford Corporate, the 2017 Employee Excellence program is Ford’s way of recognizing contributions and saying “Thank you.”

Employee Excellence Program

Ford Motor Company acknowledges that to be the best requires and consistently high level of professionalism and dedication to your craft. The Employee Excellence recognizes and rewards those individuals who achieve this high bar in Sales Performance and Customer Satisfaction.

Throughout the year, we track our own journeys toward excellence. Each participating position within the dealership is assigned performance targets that are based on key job responsibilities. Each month, Ford identifies the best of the best. All partici9pants earn an achievement level based on their performance.Excellence

Four Levels of Achievement

There are four Levels of Achievement. Ford recognizes and rewards the Level 3 and Level 4 Achievers at the end of the program.

  • Level 1: Novice
    • Entry-level employees who have basic knowledge of the position.
  • Level 2: Professional
    • Participants who achieve and maintain Training Certification and meet minimum job performance targets
    • Ranked monthly within each group
  • Level 3: Leader
    • The top 15%-18% of these level 2 performers will achieve level 3
    • Recognized as national leaders
  • Level 4: Elite
    • At program end, the top 1%-3% of level 3 achievers will attain level 4 and are awarded as the Elite in the nation.

ExcellenceWho can participate?

  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Consultants
  • Certified Pre-Owned Sales Managers
  • Certified Pre-Owned Sales Consultants
  • Finance Managers
  • Service Managers and Service Advisors
  • Body Shops and Parts Managers
  • Warranty Administrators.

Did you know that Beach Automotive Group has quite a few members of the Employee Excellence program? Just stop by any time and you can meet all of them! They are here, on duty, ready and waiting to help you! Give Beach Automotive Group a call today!

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