Alexa Built-In: An Enhanced Offering

April 4th, 2022 by

We are on a mission to provide customers with a range of appealing options related to how they choose to interact with their connected world. SYNC 4/4A with Enhanced Voice Recognition already offers all sorts of connected benefits, including the always helpful Ford Assistant. Now there is a new option, Alexa Built-In, offering two levels of engagement that let Ford and Alexa owners further connect to their world in enhanced ways.

NEW Alexa Built-In

In addition to Ford Assistant and building on Alexa Skill, the new Alexa Built-In service provides yet another new way for customers to interact with their vehicle. Alexa Built-In provides a two-way communication path, allowing owners to:

  • Use their Alexa in-home system to interact with their vehicle
  • Use Alexa Bult-In in their vehicle to interact with climate, navigation and radio/media controls, plus their connected world and home

Wake Word

Alexa Built-In is activated and responds to owner requests after they:

  • Speak a “wake word”. Such as “Alexa” or
  • Press the Push-to-Talk (PPT) button on the steering wheel and say “Alexa”

To activate and control “wake word” settings, simply go to the vehicle’s touchscreen and select “Settings,” then “Alexa Built-In.”

Two Levels of Service

From the factory, Alexa Built-In includes a 3-year service period of base features and a 30-day trial period of Ford Streaming services.

Alexa Built-In – 3-year Service Period (from the factory or as a Ford Power-Up software update)

Includes a broad array of capabilities, such as:

  • Local Media: Alexa, play 92.3FM
  • Phone: Alexa, call Mom
  • Navigation/Traffic: Alexa, how’s my commute home?
  • Weather: Alexa, what’s tomorrow’s forecast?
  • Smart Home: Alexa, turn on porch lights
  • Communication/Announcements: Alexa, announce, on my way home
  • Organization/Shopping: Alexa, add cereal to shopping list

Ford Streaming – 30-Day Trial (from the factory)

This enhanced level of service supports in-home Alexa streaming capabilities, such as:

  • Flash Briefing (news updates): Alexa, play my flash briefing
  • Streaming Music: Alexa, play Alt Rock on Amazon Music
  • Audiobooks/Games/Podcasts: Alexa, resume my Audible book


  • Following the 30-day trial, owners continue to have Alexa Built-In services for the 3-year service period and may elect to subscribe to Ford Streaming via services
  • Owners who download Alexa Built-In via Ford Power-Up software update will not receive the Ford Streaming 30-day trial offer, but may opt in to a subscription to activate enhanced streaming capabilities


The new Alexa Built-In services are available:

  • From the factory, on select new vehicles equipped with SYNC 4/4A with Enhanced Voice Recognition, including:
    • 2022 Bronco, Edge, Expedition, F-150 (including Raptor), F-150 Lightning, Mustang Mach-E and Super Duty
    • 5 F-150 (including Raptor) and Mustang Mach-E (including GT)
  • As a Ford power-Up software update and FordPass update to current owners if vehicles equipped with SYNC 4/4A with Enhanced Voice Recognition, including
    • 2021 Bronco, Edge, F-150 and Mustang Mach-E

Ford + Alexa Skill – Currently Available

Alexa Skill is currently available to owners with an activated FordPass Connect vehicle and a FordPass account. Alexa Skill is a one-way communication path that allows owners to use their in-home Amazon Alexa device to give verbal commands to their vehicle, such as:

  • Alexa, ask FordPass to lock my vehicle
  • Alexa, as FordPass to check my fuel level
  • Alexa, ask FordPass how many miles are on my vehicle

Some commands, such as starting the vehicle or unlocking the doors may require the owner to include a security PIN, or the owner may simply include it in their request:

  • Alexa, ask FordPass to start my car using PIN number “1-2-3-4”